BABY KNOW - Bodies, Hearts & Minds

BABY KNOW - Bodies, Hearts & Minds


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About Us

The BABY KNOW: BODIES, HEARTS & MINDS program provides new parents with a holistic approach to their child’s development, including information, tools, and strategies to create strong parent-child relationships, incorporating developmental milestones and nurturing emotional well-being for all family members.

Units are organized by developmental period:

Unit 1: 0-3 Months
Unit 2: 4-6 Months
Unit 3: 7-9 Months
Unit 4: 10-12 Months

The following topics are covered within each unit:

Fine Motor/Sensory
Gross Motor
Speech, Language and Play
Curriculum Based Learning/School Readiness
General New Parent Advice


BABY KNOW empowers parents to become their babies' first and most important teachers.
Parents can access BABY KNOW any hour of the day at: babyknow.org.
BABY KNOW won second place in the Scott County Fast-Track business challenge.